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The world of IT is changing rapidly. Innovations are following each other in quick succession – not just in terms of technology, but also the way in which people work. Time-to-market and cost reduction are becoming more important by the day. These developments are often seen as a threat to the quality of developed software products. A human-driven and quality-focused approach mean these ways of working can provide opportunities to improve software quality.

The TMap Suite is the result of a complete renovation of TMap to optimally support the tester in a new era. The TMap testing method has a long history. Hundreds of organizations around the world are now using TMap, making TMap a leading standard for testing.

TMap Suite prepares a candidate to take on the testing challenges of our time.

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TMap® Foundation & Test Manager Training's Information

TMap® Suite Test Maaster is based on three sources which together constitute the TMap Suite.

These are:

  • The book “Neil’s quest for quality, a TMap HD story”. This book describes the new TMap Human Driven approach, which is specially developed for the new Agile and Human Driven world that is introduced in more and more organizations. The process is no longer leading, but the team, in which the testers themselves decide how to use a quality-driven approach to achieve the desired result.
  • The book “TMap NEXT for result-driven testing.” This approach suits the more traditional development environments, and is still relevant in many organizations.
  • The building blocks of the website describe specific test solutions to problems. These building blocks can be used in a flexible way by testers during their testing activities.

In the TMap® Suite Test Master module, you gain insight into how TMap NEXT® has grown to become TMap® Suite and how you as Test Master can successfully use the TMap® Suite elements.

A test master can recognize patterns in various test areas. He/she can:

–  oversee and determine the test area from various perspectives;

–  integrate the various building blocks;

–  recognize the related opportunities and risks;

–  resolve problems and make decisions.

Test Master is a classification: a test coach can be a master of testing, or also a test manager.

Part of this certification are the test coordination and management tasks, such as setting up a test plan and creating a budget.

The TMap NEXT® Test Manager exam is primarily intended for people who are involved in test management activities on a daily basis: test managers, test coordinators and test consultants/advisors. The module will also be of interest to, for example, Test Leaders, Test Advisors, Quality Managers, IT Auditors and (Test) Department Managers.

It is recommended to follow TMap® Suite Test Master training by an EXIN Accredited Training Provider.

The candidate preferably has prior knowledge of the TMap® Suite Test Engineer module. Extensive experience with structured testing is desirable. General knowledge in the field of system development is assumed.

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Who is this certification for?

TMap NEXT® Test Engineer is created for professional testers of any level for whom testing is a significant part of their role. It is also useful for users, developers, and managers who test software projects or information systems. There is no prerequisite for the course, however, six months to a year of work experience is recommended. As is a general understanding of system development.