Software Asset Management Specialist

SAM is defined as all of the infrastructure and processes necessary for the effective management, control and protection of the software assets…throughout all stages of their lifecycle.” SAM is a business practice designed to reduce information technology costs, limit risks related to the ownership and use of software, and increase IT and end‐user efficiencies. ISO 19770 Standard is the international standard on Software Asset Management (SAM)

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Software Asset Management Specialist Training's Information

  • Introduction to SAMS
  • Introduction to best practice Software Asset Management
  • How to build a business case
  • Case-based introduction to design and implement Tier processes
  • Technologies used at Tier two
  • Considerations and evaluation of tools
  • Software License Compliance & Regulatory Compliance
  • Better positioned to face Software Compliance Audits
  • Better Negotiation Position and Cost Savings
  • Software Asset Optimization
  • Better IT management and Enhanced Information Security.6.
  • Understanding the risks, costs, challenges and benefits associated with SAM in a dynamic IT environment.
  • Recognizing the potential issues that arise when implementing a SAM program.8.
  • Build a comprehensive Business Case for SAM to gain commitment to the SAM program.9
  • Understanding how SAM interfaces with IT Service Management including ITIL and other BP’s.
  • Planning for the development and implementation of all SAM policies, procedures and tools

The SAMS course is designed for IT professionals with a good understanding of the IT Asset Management area. The desired – but not required – criteria for participating in the SAMS course are:

  • ITAM Org IT Asset Management Foundation course and certification
  • At least three months of operational experience in all phases of Software Asset Management
  • An understanding of IT Service Management best practice, have participated in ITIL Foundation v. 3 or later and a general understanding of IT

An accredited training is mandatory for writing Software Asset Management Specialist exam.

Examination type – Computer-based or paper-based multiple-choice questions

Number of questions – 40

Pass mark – 65%

Open book/notes – No

Electronic equipment/aides permitted – No

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What is Software Asset Management ?

Transparent licensing is important for every organization. It is about aligning IT Service Management best practices together with Software Asset Management best practices, implementing Software Asset Management lifecycle processes and showing how IT Service Management can support SAM lifecycle to create transparent licensing. The purpose of the certification is to demonstrate knowledge on best practice and use of Software Asset Management in the challenges and variables that Software Asset Managers face on an everyday basis. The scope includes but is not limited to software license management.

Who are to be aimed for Software Asset Management Specialists ?

Software Asset Management Specialist is intended for Software Asset Management professionals with an understanding of IT Asset Management. Recommended is at least three months of experience in all phases of Software Asset Management, an understanding of IT Service Management best practice, and a general understanding of IT and processes

What is the time duration of the exam ?

The time given for the exam is 90 mins.